October 23

The Chronciles of Narnia

With the Film Festival fast approaching, you have been critiquing the Disney Movie – The Chronciles of Narina. Write two paragraphs about YOUR thoughts on the movie so far. Comment on the characters, plot, genre, setting, camera shots, symbolism (all of the elements we have looked at in ELearning).

You are then to comment on one other person’s blog from the Five/ Six Level, agreeing or disagreeing with what they have said and give reasons for this.

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41 thoughts on “The Chronciles of Narnia

  1. Pat is epic

    Hi guys,
    So far Narnia has been a movie that has good lighting and music for each scene. For example if it was a time where the siblings were sad they would make it really dark and have faint sad music in the background. Also when the White Witch captured Edmund and took him into her castle the whole castle was white and gloomy. I like the beavers as characters because it changes the sadness of the movie a little bit, into a little bit of happiness and comedy.

    The setting is in the forest which is covered in snow until the later part of the movie. Also the plot is to get away from the White Witch and escape her attack wolves. The genre of the movie would be action because the siblings are on the run quite often and also the attack wolves caught them which made it very interesting on how they would escape. So far Narnia has been an interesting movie that has been well directed and has a good story line.

    1. Miach

      I agree with you with you Pat when you said that the music is sad at th e right times because I think the music is chosen to suite the scene really well. But I also think there is a fantasy and war theme in the movie because lots of the characters and in the whole of Narnia are made up. I think there is a war theme because the four siblings go to the countryside to escape from WW2. I agree with you when you said the movie is well directed but I also think that the storyline is well thought by the author, which contributes to the director’s decision.

    2. Ethan

      I agree with you Pat when you said that the plot lighting and music all contributed to the movie. I also agree with you when you said the music and lighting changed depending on where the characters were and what was happening. I agree with you on the setting but I disagree on the plot. I think the plot was to save Edmund from the white which and find Aslan.

  2. Alex is cool

    Hi all you peeps,
    I think critiquing a movie is something different in e-learning. It is a great movie to pick (even though I have seen it) I love how we get to go off and think for ourselves about the scene, characters, camera, genre, plot and symbolism. I will comment on how the Director’s points were taken I liked how he or she put the camera in all types of camera shots the music matches the scene perfectly and he or she makes it easy to understand. Their plots are seen clearly and I love the whole concept.

    I do see the symbolism and love how they make the white scene look perfect when evil. It’s very effective. The plot and camera shots made everything stick like glue. The perspective was done well and I can’t wait to see more on Wednesday
    Bye Bye my friends

    1. chanel

      I agree with Alex, it’s great to do something different in e learning, I believe as Alex said it was a great choice of movie. I agree with the fact hat the music makes you feel how the characters are feeling. I like how they make the witch look evil and I am excited to watch the movie on Wednesday. 🙂

  3. TAy

    Hi all,
    This is TAy,
    Alex I agree with you absalutely when you said that you liked how we got to go off and think hard about scenes, genres, characters, plots, camera shots… It really drags you off into that scene as if you were actually there. Although I don’t think that the plots where very easy to see, I also think that the directors intention what for us to not get what the plot was so then we would want to keep on watching it. The scenes also look very affective and like I mentioned in my blog that there was a Narnia exhibition and you got to see how the characters were made and they look so effective in the movie you wouldn’t even tell that someone has made it.

    Hope you all are enjoying Narnia.
    Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye alien class

  4. Ethan

    Hi guys!

    I have enjoyed critiquing a movie lots because it is something completely different to what we normally do in elearning. This gives us all an entirely different look at the movie. For example it allows us to take more notice of the lighting, mucic and facial expressions. Critiquing a movie is fun but challenging. It is hard to get alot down at the same time as watching a movie because we have to keep looking up and down.

    I think the director of the movie made many good choices of the detail but the one that stood out most was the music. I got louder during action and quiet during peacefulness. The camera shots were amazing because they captured the scene so well.


    1. b r i d I e

      Hi it’s b r i d i e,
      I agree with Ethan when he said how it is good critiquing a movie because we get to have a different look at a move, because we need to pay attention to the camera shots, music, and lighting. I also agree it is a bit challenging to follow the movie and type everything at the same time, but this can help us with learning to type quicker. I also agree with how the director has done a good job with the detail, and how the music stood out a lot, but I also think to camera angles stood out a lot as well.

  5. Callum

    Hi everyone,

    Like all you I’m critiquing The Chronicles Of Narnia and I like it a lot I think most of the shots are very well thought out and things you might not think about are there for a reason like the setting and structures.

    Lucy one of the main characters finds Narnia first because she believes in fantasy. After Edmond believes so he can as well. The professor changes Susan’s and Peters’ thinking so they can get into Narnia. The director has also chose different lighting for different scenes because some scenes are happy, and sad.

    The plot of the movie The Chronicles Of Narnia is good verses evil or light verses dark because the white witch wants to stop the lion Azlan before he destroys her. The genre of this movie is adventure because there is a different world and this movie is also a bit of action because it’s a lot of running and hiding from others for example the white witch.

    1. Anton

      I agree with you Callum,
      the movie is really good. at moments (like you said) the characters are either happy or sad.
      The plot in Narnia is good VS evil.
      Well written Callum,
      A N T O N

  6. kaitlyn ze ninja

    I agree with Ethan that it was a good idea to do this for e-learning because its something different from what we usually do. I also agree that the music really stood out during the movie. The music would change frequently between scenes to suit it which I thought was clever and very well thought through. So if they start running, the music gets fast and jumpy!

  7. Shaec

    Hi everyone so far the movie chronicles of Narnia has been great, the movie is full of mystery. I have really enjoyed critic this movie because we don’t normally do something like this in e learning and I am loving learning about how to critic a movie. One thing I have realized when reviewing this movie is a lot of the time when the directer wants one scene to be scary or maybe they want it to be mysterious they just put music in that sounds mysterious or scary and that’s how they present it to the audience.

    The characters mainly express the way they are feeling by their facial expressions, I think the genre for this movie would be fantasy and adventure. Also the lighting in the movie has a lot to do with reviewing the movie. As sometimes the directer wants to make it scary, so they it go pitch black and that makes it more dramatic. Also when the screen goes black then the characters voices change and become scarer and the sound of their voices go softer and more anxious. So far even though I haven’t seen the movie before and we are only half way through but I think the plot is to destroy the white witch.


    1. CHELSEA!

      hi guys

      I agree with shae because the movie has been full of mystery. Also I think the characters do express their feelings by their facial expression, and the genre is fantasy and adventure. But I don’t think that the plot is to destroy the white witch I think the plot is to capture the white witch. I also agree with Shae that the lighting has a lot to do with the reviewing.

      bye 🙂

    2. Jacque!!! :)

      I agree with Shae when she says the lighting has a lot to do with the movie because the lighting and music changes the movie completely. for example, if the director wanted to make a scary scene and there was no lighting or music in it you wouldn’t know what was going to happen and it would just be a sudden scary thing that happens like somebody is killed randomly.


    Hi guys,
    I think the movie Narnia has been great so far, I have seen it before but not for a while. I love critiquing the movie in elearning and I think that us typing pretty much every detail helps us understand the movie a bit more. I have never done this before and I find it very interesting compared to some other things we do in elearning.

    You can tell when something good or bad is gong to happen because of the music or the lighting. The music goes a bit loud,mysterious and scary when something bad is going to happen or someone is discovering something. And it goes peaceful and exciting when something good is going to happen. The lighting in the movie also does a bit the same as the music, but it goes dark and light. I think you can tell what the characters are thinking by looking at their facial expression. When the children are in the house it seems a bit boring but once Lucy the youngest child goes through the wardrobe to Narnia it seems interesting.


    1. Shaec

      Hi everyone
      I agree with you ruby the lighting and music does change alot according to what is happening. So if it is scary mysterious ect, The music makes it sound how it should. I also agree with you when you said that typing makes you understand the movie more because your writing down things, I have found that I understand this movie more than I would if I was watching it without typing things down.


    2. Ella Bella Cinderella

      Ruby I absolutely agree with you because:
      *There facial expressions are very good.
      *The music and the lighting does change a lot and quite quickly.
      *It is very interesting and different, and it’s certainly nothing I’ve done in E-learning.
      *Ruby I’ve seen it before but I was very scared.
      *Ruby you said: loud, mysterious and scary when something bad is going to happen or someone is discovering something and it is very true.

  9. Patrick Anderson :0

    The thoughts on the movie so far are at a high so far because the movie express a lot how the characters are felling them fellings are mostly HAPPY or sad. At the start of the movie the family were under attack by are AIR RAID thats what I named my scene that was one of my favorite scenes in my mind because it had action and I like action. The setting is mostly in a cold and icey white forest I think that is a great place to have. -> thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought it gave a bit of comady when some animals started talking it was funny when some really scary music came to the movie and when it finshed it was only a talking beaver came out behind a rock. I really belive lighting is a really big part in this movie becasue when its all sad and something bad is going to happen it gets scary and when it’s happy its also happy music.


    1. Mozzarella-Man (Aiden)

      I agree with Pat about the movie being at a good high. I also agree on the comedy because it crack the audience up because you don’t expect a talking beaver to appear. I think you are right about the awesome amount of action in the movie and the lighting and music is good for the separate scenes.

  10. Ben

    I thought the movie Narnia was good because it very interesting and eye catching. My thoughts on the film were there was lots of action, adventure and sadness. My favourite scene of the movie so far is when Peter, Susan, Lucy and the beavers have to cross the melting waterfall and then the wolves come to attack them.

    My favourite character is Peter because he is brave and has courage. The plot of the movie is…. Four brothers and sisters are forced to live with an eldly couple. They discover a wardrobe in there house, in the wardrobe there is a huge bit of land with weird and different people. The genre of Narnia is action and adventure. The setting of the film is in Narnia.

    1. Pat is epic

      I agree with you Ben because there was lots of action and adventure in the film. Also the scene where the beavers and the siblings are running away because it is very nerve racking to see if they would get away in time or not. Also considering it is a bit hard to see on the interactive whiteboard it does seem to be eye catching and seems to have the right colour use for each scene.

  11. Connor

    Hi Peeps,
    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is a great movie. The plot is great, it’s suspicious and whenever there’s a sad scene, it’s always either dark or accompanied with sad music. When it’s a happy time, it has happy music or a light picture.

    So far, my favourite characters are the beavers because you don’t really see a beaver talking and they just seem happy all the time. The camera shots are really good because there are lots of different ones like over the shoulder, side and front on. etc.

    The scene where they are in the wardrobe and supposedly running from the witch (but they are running from Santa) was great because the picture was bright and happy music was playing, (when they found out it was santa).

    1. Callum


      I agree with you Conner,
      When you said the beavers are always seem happy, because the beavers are always happy (like you said) and their kind of Peters, Susan’s and Lucy’s guide, the beavers are always risking their lives to save peter, Susan and Lucy.

      Also Santa did add an amount of happiness to the scene because he’s like a hero.

      Over all your post was very well written.

  12. Ruby :)

    Hi guys,
    I agree with Connor, they show the emotions through the lighting and the music. Tyhe plot is great and when it gets suspicious its is very interesting.

    I also like the beevers because they are always happy and the camera shots were good as well.
    I was away when they showed the scene when the kids were running away from Santa because they thought it was he white witch but it seems interesting.


  13. Alex is cool

    I agree with shae because it is something different in e-learning. Shae I understand when you say that the director has made scenes that are scary or mystery scenes. I do like the lighting that has happened though the movie. You are right about the characters and how there are facial expressions.
    Bye from…

  14. Jack is the coolest person ever

    I think the movie has been really good so far and in the movie the charters are good actors but my favourite character would be beaver he is interesting and funny also gets in a lot of trouble I like that we get to watch a movie in e learning because it is relaxing and we get to put down all of our information about the movie the main party of the movie would probably be them going in the wardrobe and finding a mystery’s place.

    In the mystery’s place I really like the queen because she is a very good actor she is a very good actor because she is happy at times but when she gets angry she is scary Edmonds in the movie is really strange because he goes to the queen when he knows that she is evil he tells her all of the details on were his family is to save people on the mystery’s land the queen is trying to kill his family but they always get away. I cant wait for the rest of the movie.

  15. Ella Bella Cinderella

    Hi 5/6sm,
    I’m really enjoying watching a movie and having the chance to make our opinions on the movie as the lights music and etc.

    The music is suiting every scene from being dramatic to fun and exciting. The characters have great facial expressions, and have the true characteristics, they all have an important role in the movie especially Lucy as being the youngest, the queen is absolutely the perfect meany pants for the part she has the emotion.

    The scenes that the director/scene writer has done a fabulous job the scenes, the one with the ice castle and the ice melting AWESOME the creations that has been made. The genre has been bravery, courage, family and friendship. I have loved Narnia so far, when I was little I was so scared to even watch it.


    Hello Everyone!

    The Chronicles of Narnia is an awesome movie, although I’ve watched it a lot before. My thoughts on the movie are that the clothes, music and lightning really suit the scenes, if it was a happy scene, the character’s clothes and the light would be bright and colourful, and on the other hand, if it was a bad or scary scene, the clothes and light would be dark and sad. In the movie, there is evilness, fantasy, purity, mystery and coldness.

    The movie has a great storyline and includes lots of action, the characters were very well picked. The Queen of Narnia is cold and evil and the four children of are brave and strong. I think one of the main themes would be BELEIF because the children believe in each-other, they believe that Aslan would be able to help and save Edmund from the White Witch and the beavers believe that the children of Adam and Eve would defeat the witch.

    Miss Sunshine~~

    1. Jonathan

      I agree with Lisa that the storyline is great and has action and also that the clothes, music and lighting are relevant for each scene.
      The characters i agree with you that they were well picked for their parts and acted well.
      I share the same view about the genre of the film which is fantasy.

    2. izzzzzzy

      Well done Lisa I totally agree.
      I also think its a great movie and there’s lots you can write about.
      I also agree that one of the main scene are Belief. Most of the big important parts in the movie come under the category of belief.

  17. CHELSEA!

    hi guys

    The lion the witch and the wardrobe has been a great movie so far. I have loved critiquing it and putting our thoughts down of what we liked and what we didnt like. The things that I have commented on alot are the different scenes, if it is light or dark and the music.

    it is a really interesting, exciting and strange. i think it is interesting because the little girl goes through the wardrobe and enters this land that is full of snow and strange animals and you just want to know more about the land. I think that it is exciting because you never know what is going to happen next and you really want to know. i think it is wd because there is a half man half horse in it and he is strange and nice too.

    In the movie my favorite character is Lucy cause she is the littlest and has the most curage because she discovers the wardrobe and she is really nice and interesting.

    bye 🙂

  18. Mozzarella-Man (Aiden)

    Hi guys,
    I am really enjoying “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. I think the director has made the different scenes very intriguing. I think he has set up the scenes and storyline really well. Especially the music and lighting, like when there is a sad scene there will be dim lighting and quiet and slow music and when there is an exciting scene there will be bright lighting and fast music.

    I think the characters are played very well with there accent and movements. I think the message in this movie is “Have Courage and never stop Believing” because at a part Peter and Susan don’t believe Lucy about Narnia until the Professor changes their minds. Courage comes into the movie when they have to look after and stand up for each other against the enemy. This movie is very well set up and I am really enjoying it.

    1. Smooks

      I agree with Aiden I really think the camera shots and acting is very well performed. I am also enjoying the movie to and I think the director did make every scene more intriguing and well performed.

  19. Emily

    For term four in eLearning we’ve been watching the movie Narnia. The movie is set in World War 2. Four kids from London have move to the country to escape from the war. One of them discovers a world there. The four main characters are Edmund, Susan, Peter and Lucy.
    I think the setting for the world was food. The snow showed that the world was a cold and dark place. Also the plot about four kids going into a mysteries world put a lot a image into anyone watch the film. I think the actors really brought the characters to life. I think I’ll really enjoy the rest of the movie.

  20. Jacque!!! :)

    HI GUYS,

    I think critiquing the Chronicles of Narnia for e-learning is really good because it’s something different! So far it’s been really fun. I like getting to watch a movie in e-learning because it’s easier than making a Claymation for example!

    My favourite character so far is beaver because he’s really funny and by the look of it is always up to mischief! Something I like about the movie is the sibling rivalry mostly between peter and Edmund. They seem to always be fighting with each other. Like in the scene where they’re playing cricket and peter hits Edmund with the ball because he is angry at him.

    Lucy is the main character and is the first to find Narnia. After that her siblings don’t believe her. Then Edmund follows Lucy into the wardrobe and finds Narnia. After that Susan and Peter still don’t believe until the man that owns the house comes and makes them believe.

    1. S A R A H X X X X

      Hi Guys I really do agree with Jacque for the following examples;
      Doing something different than the teachers always re-using the same things that you don’t believe that we will find out, BUT WE WILL ALWAYS FIND OUT!!!!
      I like how there is a competition between Peter and Edmund of who is trying to be “THE ALPHA MALE”
      I do believe that Lucy is the main person that you will concentrate on.

      THX S A R A H X X X X

  21. S A R A H X X X X

    Hi Guys,
    This topic that we are doing for Inquiry: “The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe” really wants you to go deeper than just describing a scene; it wants you to find the surface and critiquing/telling the story. The lighting wants you to be drawn and concentrate very carefully. I really like the music because it builds up suspense and you want to find out what is going to happen now!!

    Even though I’ve read the book and seen the movie TEN MILLION TIMES I still enjoy it every time I see because it brings me back my memories as a kid.The main themes I believe that are happening are… Belief because if Lucy didn’t believe in this special place nothing like this would ever happen. Fantasy*but I’m really sure if that is one* Love and Betrayal. Comparing this to the book I really enjoyed the movie more but the book was more descriptive and Edmund was much more mean to Lucy.

    THX S A R A H X X X X

    1. Maja

      I really agree with Sarah because this topic does make you look deeper when watching a scene and makes you just pick out all the little but important things. Also because the lighting makes you feel different each scene and makes the viewer have different emotions. I also agree that the main themes are belief, fantasy, love and betrayed because the movie has so far summed up each of these themes perfectly and they represent parts in the movie that are really important and make you feel really entrigued.

      That’s all from me bye!!!!

  22. Jonathan

    hi fellow students i am here to talk about Narnia the Disney Film has lots of action and adventure.
    The film leaves you hanging and i can’t wait to watch more.
    I feel the director/ writer has done an awesome job with the storyline and with scenes.
    The characters i feel were picked for their specific roles showing emotions and facial expressions in their parts.
    The costumes were great and colorful and would change to dull for scary scenes as well the music and the lighting.
    The setting is awesome i like the snow place and the characters have to act scared , happy and sad in the film.
    There are camera shots which are side view and front view adds variety to the scene.
    The genre for this film is fantasy with lots of adventure and action.

  23. Maja

    Hi guys,
    I really am enjoying watching ‘The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe’ in e-learning because this sort of activity makes you look more deeply into how a movie was made and why it was made that way. In e-learning I noticed that I have been writing a lot about the lighting and music in each scene, because it makes a big impact on the viewer because it changes the way they feel during the movie. I also like commenting on all the different camera shots because some of the shots I remember learning about in e-learning previously in the year.

    I am so far really enjoying watching ‘Narnia’ because believe it or not I have actually never ever watched it before I had only heard if it. I think the movie is really interesting and imaginative making it fun and a great experience to cratique it. I think that now that I have done this activity in e-learning when I watch movies now I will think more deeply on the lighting music and camera shots and try to find out why the director made the film that way and what he was trying to get the viewer to feel.

    That’s all from me!!
    BYEEE!!!! 🙂

  24. izzzzzzy

    In e-Learning I have really been enjoying watching the “Chronicles of Narnia”. I think it’s a good idea how we watch the movie then write what we think and feel about the movie. On the computer we have different scenes and come up with a title for each scene we write about….
    About the characters; if we were in their shoes what would we be feeling and thinking, also we write about what we think they’re going though. We also write about what we think their planning e.g.

    I think the girl wants to start her life over living in the wardrobe. We write about the genre of the story; Narnia is an adventure movie. The setting it is based in a house that children go if they have a war in their country; it also takes part in the closet. The camera shots: I think this is one of my favourite things to write about because sometimes it may just take a shot of their hands shaking which resembles friendship. I like writing about this because you can really dig deep into the characters emotions. We also write about the music. Sometimes the music is loud and heavy – it means that the something bad is going to happen.

    Over all I’ve really been happy with what we’re doing and look forward to e-learning. 


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