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  1. Ben

    Christmas means to me…………..gathering with your family and celebrating,You also give presents to one an other because that is what you do at Christmas.Some believe there is a person called Santa that comes to your house at night during Christmas Eve night and delivers presents.

    The reason that there is Christmas is because Jesus was born and he was a king. Christmas is a very very important time of the year.

  2. JACQUE!!!!

    Hi guys,

    To me Christmas is the gift of family and giving, not only giving presents but giving love and bringing family together. Christmas is giving love and friendship to everybody. The only reason we give gifts at Christmas is because at Christmas we were given the gift of Jesus.

    An example of somebody giving the gift of giving for Christmas is a family that lives in Montmorency. Every year they put up a big Christmas light display with snow machines and everything for people to get out of their cars and come and play in their own front garden. I think this is showing the gift of giving because they do it for everybody else not just themselves.

  3. Callum

    Hello everyone

    Like all of you I have to explain what Christmas means to me. Christmas to me is getting together with family and celebrating being a family, by eating a big lunch. My families usually have turkey like most other families do. Everyone in my family cooks their own thing for the big lunch.

    Christmas is like you all know it’s Jesus’s birthday. We give presents to others on Christmas because the three wise men gave Jesus gifts on his birthday. We get presents on our birthday and Jesus is our lord so we celebrate by giving presents to our families.

  4. Pat is epic

    Hi guys,

    Christmas time to me is catching up with family and celebrating this special day with each other. Also we have meals together which is really special because the entire family is able to bond with each other in one big room. We also share gifts with each other to show that we love them and reward them for a hard years work. I really love our family tradition which is one of the adults dressing up as Santa Claus and handing out all of the presents that are under the highly decorated Christmas.

    The reason why we have Christmas is because Jesus was our leader was born on that day thousands of years ago. He then saved us by sacrificing himself on the cross. Christmas is a great time of the year that almost everyone loves dearly with all their heart. Overall Christmas is a very special time of the year where we can have valuable family time and maybe even get a few presents if we have been good.

  5. Sarahxx

    What does Christmas mean to me?
    First of all what is Christmas?
    Christmas is all about giving; your giving your family the chance to celebrate with you, your giving something to them. It’s the best feeling when someone is so excited and is so grateful and enjoying themselves because of you; what you have done for them. This is all possible thanks to Jesus because he is truly a king.

    I remember when I was really little I would always get up really early in the morning and run to the Christmas Tree and I would always be wondering if Santa did drink the beer/milk and did Santa eat the cookies. Did Rudolph eat the carrot. I would also wonder what I would get this year and what would he bring me. Then someone made me realise that it’s not just about taking and seeing what presents you got and if they were better than your brothers or sisters, but how yopu could give to someone and not just take all the time. I believe Chistmas is the season and the time to give.


  6. Jack is the coolest person ever

    Christmas to me is a family time and a big celebration, when I was in prep and under, I would always try and stay up until Santa would come but always fall asleep to early. I still get really excited for Christmas but I will tell you the truth 97% of excitement is because of the presents. Now we userly have Christmas at ocean grove but it is fun decorating the caravan. Sometimes we come home from ocean grove and have Christmas at home and then decorate the house which is really fun

    But the real meaning is when Jesus was born and rises from the dead, it is love and hope, the day after Christmas is boxing day because it is a public holiday of the first day after Christmas.

  7. riley

    Christmas means to me… celebrating the birth of Jesus and Santa comes on this day. Gathering with family and friends and celebrate by giving presents to everyone. Also eating Christmas pudding, ham, turkey and more.

  8. izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy

    Christmas is a birthday to all and when I say that I mean Jesus’ birthday; Jesus loves to give so therefor we’re all blessed. Going over to Grandads and Grandmas house is the best of fun. We have a family game of basketball until someone falls over or gets hit in the face with the ball. When we have lunch there are two tables, one for the adults and one for the kids. On the kids table there are 20 seats (I have 20 cousins) with each of our names placed on the seat. We say a prayer but just before our hands meet, of course, someone has to spill there drink! After we finish opening our presents Grandad likes to conclude with a song or a letter he wrote. All of the kids sit there board until about forty five minutes later Grandma says, “That’s enough Eddie!”

    Next stop is Nanas and Pops house, this is not as chaotic with only 4 cousins. We start it off with the presents. Pop writes down all of our names and prepares a speech for us. Then in a blink of an eye everyone asks themselves, “Where have the boys gone?”. It doesn’t take long to look over the fence and find them playing cricket. As we get called in for dinner we all sit down and eat our turkey with the same bread rolls that we eat on every special occasion.

    Then as we walk back home we gather as a family and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Listing to carols and playing with our new toys and saying prayers. This is what Christmas means to me; coming together as a family and celebrating Jesus’ birth.

  9. simon

    Hi everyone,
    Christmas is my favourite time of the year.
    My family celebrates Christmas by going to Christmas mass and afterwards having a big family lunch at one of my relatives houses. Unlike others we don’t usually eat turkey. In the Italian tradition we usually have a pasta dish, seafood, a Christmas ham followed by crostoli and other sweets.
    this year will be particularly sad because my grandma will not be there because she recently past away.

    Christmas to me means not only getting cool gifts from family members and Santa but it is a time to forgive and to be kind to others. Its also a time to relax and a time of giving.
    Christmas is also a time to remember Jesus and his birth.
    This is what Christmas to me.

    Simon out

  10. RUBYYYYY!!!!!!!

    To me Christmas is one of the best times of the year and I love spending with my family having fun. Christmas is a time when we get together with the people we love and celebrate the birth of Jesus. My family celebrates it with my Dads side of the family one year and my Mums the other. It is really fun at my Nan and Pops house in Bairnsdale having a water fight with all my cousins that I don’t see often that live in New South Wales. We run around their backyard playing games until its time for lunch. We all sit down eat and talk about all the good things Christmas brings to Everyone. We usually rip open all of our presents really early in the morning and go see if Santa has eaten our cookies and drank the beer we put out for him. After lunch we play on the flying fox my Pop has made for us to play on, then we go into the shed and make our own go carts to ride down the street. We ride them until someone falls of and hurts themselves (I still have a scar from that.)

    At my Nonnas house with my other cousins the next year we go play cricket and dodge ball outside. My brothers always do a prank or something that my Nonna always ends up chasing them around the backyard. My Nonna is very religious and we all say a prayer to God before we dig into out delicious Ham or Turkey. We all play with all the toys we have gotten and usually break something with a remote control helicopter we got. After our big day we go home play more with our toys and go to sleep ready for a new day. (Not Christmas! ): ) Christmas to me is about spending time with your family, showing love to everyone and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

    Ruuubyyyy 🙂

  11. Shaec

    Hi guys
    Christmas is very special to me. I always enjoy the time leading up to Christmas because I love setting up the Christmas lights up on my house because we always set up them as a family, and I believe by setting up the Christmas lights it symbolizes the star shineing up over Jesus when he was born. I also love when we set up the inside of the house because it is so fun having a Christmas decorated house. My favorite thing to set up in my house is the nativity set because I love that my dad put his effort into making his own hand made stable for jesus, Mary, Josef, the three king and all the animals. I also love how we have a star at the top of the stable and all the people and animals are made out of porcelain. Also one of my favorite things are that I always have a Santa hanging from my roof and when you clap it sings the song jingle bells and I love it. Also another thing I love is on Christmas Eve we always go to the Christmas mass because it is so nice singing Christmas songs with everyone and having a wonderful mass.

    Also one other thing I like about Christmas Eve is that after the Christmas mass we go around to all different streets to see all the different wonderful Christmas lights, I always love that because it is nice to see how much people put into decorating their house for people to see and I think they are very good people to do that. One of my family traditions is that when we are about to ho to bed on Christmas Eve we always put me and my sisters stocking out on the coach so that Santa can just put all the presents in the stockings and putting milk, a biscuit and a cote rot out for the reindeer. I love when we all first wake up in the morning on Christmas Day because it s so exiting seeing all the wonderful presents siting there waiting there to be opened, and once we open them it gives us all so much joy with all the wonderful gifts we receive and when we receive so any gifts it represents for me when Jesus was born he received gifts from the three kings.

    The last thing I enjoy about Christmas is when all of my family get together and have a meal of turkey and just gather for some wonderful family time that means a lot to all of us and it reminds ourselves how important family time is and how lucky we are to spend this great time together.

    Thanks from Shae

  12. Emily

    Christmas is a time when all my family come together to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company and the birth of Jesus. Firstly we get up very early in the morning to see what Santa has brought us and when we were younger we used to leave a little something out for Santa to eat and drink. Usually we go to my grandparents place in Wycheproof and catch up with all my cousins and Aunties and Uncles. The family is pretty big so there are a lot of people to talk to and have fun with. We usually have a big feast for lunch with lots of gummy food like; pavlova, chocolate ripple cake, fruit salad and all the barbeque food. Last year Dad deep fried a turkey which is big in America when they celebrate Thanksgiving. Also we have bon bons on the tables for everyone to enjoy.
    My mum and her brothers and sisters take in turn to buy a gift for a family member every year so we usually all sit around the Christmas tree in the afternoon and my Pa hands out all the gifts to everyone. Grandma buys gifts for all her 12 grandkids so it’s fun to see what everyone gets. Later on in the afternoon all my cousins and I Iike to hang out and play hid and seek and other fun games while everyone else sits around listening carols. I love Christmas.

  13. Ethan

    To me christmas is spending time with my family and celebrating Jesus’ life. On cristmas day we have lunch together and on cristmas eve we have dinner. In the morning we go to mass at school together after opening our presents. In my opinion cristmas is the best time of year. The highligt of evryone day is when we all gather together to have lunch and enjoy each others company.

    The true meaning of cristmas is celabrating Jesus’ life and all the wonderfull thing he has done. The reason we give presents to one another is because the three wise men brought gifts for jesus and we follow that tradition.

  14. Ella

    ‘What does Christmas means to me?’

    It’s a very exciting time for my family because it’s a great time to spend together. Every year at my Pa’s a week before Christmas we have a M gathering, we have one of my Pa’s friends to dress up as Santa to make the youngies feel happy. My cousin and I are Santa’s little helper’s .I love eating the turkey, and pork on Christmas Day, because it has been cooked to perfection, that they had put lots of effort.

    Christmas is a great time to wake up my parents really early so we can open our presents, Henry always jumps on their bed to annoy them. Instead of us opening our presents, we let our parents to open theirs first. The night before Christmas we watch, the Grinch or the Nightmare before Christmas.
    On Christmas day we always go to our Nan’s house. We always make the youngest to eldest, so the little ones aren’t waiting for a while for ages crying and complaining. When the kids are bored we play tiggy to pass the time.

  15. Lisa!!

    Hello World,
    I think Christmas is a time of gathering, you gather together with your friends and family to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Christmas is a time to enjoy, I remember how I used to stay up late trying to take a picture Santa eating the cookies and drinking milk, I was always curious of what was under the tree, and it was very hard to stop myself from ripping open the wrapping paper and taking a look inside.
    But most of all, I believe that Christmas is a time of giving, we give our friends and families gifts and presents like how the three wise men gave Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh. Christmas is the time of Love and Hope.
    Lisa 🙂

  16. Alex is cool

    Hi everyone,
    What Christmas means to me… it is my favourite time of the year and I love it so much. Like my mum, we go shopping in October now that’s nuts! I feel it’s a time for my family to come together and have a meal of thanks giving and a place to feel loved. I always put up my decorations for Christmas. I like to set up the tree with Mum and Bella and Dad do the nativity scene with little baby Jesus. We do go back to celebrate the whole “Christ is born” because we wouldn’t be having Christmas without it.

    Christmas means so much. Family, Jesus, Love and of course food! We have time to play and because I am the oldest cousin I am the role model, hey you can’t expect the lot from a 12 year old! I feel Christmas means everything to my family and friends and I hope that no one steals it.
    Bye Bye my Friends 🙂

  17. Alex is cool

    Hi everyone,
    What Christmas means to me… it is my favourite time of the year and I love it so much. Like my mum, we go shopping in October now that’s nuts! I feel it’s a time for my family to come together and have a meal of thanks giving and a place to feel loved. I always put up my decorations for Christmas. I like to set up the tree with Mum and Bella and Dad do the nativity scene with little baby Jesus. We do go back to celebrate the whole “Christ is born” because we wouldn’t be having Christmas without it.

    Christmas means so much. Family, Jesus, Love and of course food! We have time to play and because I am the oldest cousin I am the role model, hey you can’t expect the lot from a 12 year old! I feel Christmas means everything to my family and friends and I hope that no one steals it.
    Bye Bye my Friends see you next time!

  18. Pat A

    Christmas means to me catching up with family in Adelaide and celebrating our friendship and the time that we have together
    its special to me because I get to see my cousins and Auntie and Uncle who I don’t see very offend we celebrate Christmas by having a roust lunch.

    We do a lot of things like going to the beach I like to do bogie boarding and just relaxing. But more than anything I proffered to get some presents from SAAAANNNNTTTTTTAAAAAA. I also like to play with there dog Quince but my Auntie Leanne likes to call her Queeny but I can’t forget the true meaning of Christmas is birth of the baby Jesus.

    CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 🙂

  19. Majaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    What does Christmas mean to me?

    Well as a little kid I remember waking up early and going down stairs to the Christmas tree. I would shake and feel my wrapped up presents to figure out what was inside. I remember pulling mum and dad out of bed so that we could open the presents and i remember that feeling of happiness when I had opened up my present and It was the thing I most wanted on my wishlist. Back then i thought Christmas was all about Santa, Reindeers and of course PRESENTS!!!!! But the real meaning of christmas isn’t about taking, its about giving and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

    Christmas is a time where we give thanks and celebrate how lucky we are. We share love to those around us and give to those who arent as lucky as us to make their Christmas just as wonderful as ours is. We sit down to beautiful roast turkey and we bless the food and thank God for all things we have. We open our presents always remembering to open the card first and thank the person who gave to us because really a present isnt needed.

    Christmas is a time when I get to spend time with my family, Celebrate Jesus’ birth and thank god for how lucky I am. Christmas is a time when we listen to christmas carols and sing to our loved ones. Christmas is a time when we eat the gingerbread hoyse that we made the week before and when we get just a bit spoilt.

    This is what Christmas Means to me………………….

  20. CHELSEA!

    I think Christmas means to me the birth of Jesus and why we celebrate on that special day. Christmas is also about family and getting together at this time of year and visiting with relatives who we haven’t seen for a while. It also means holidays and going to the beach to see friends and relax. It is also about Santa and giving and receiving presents. I love getting surprise presents and there is nothing that gets me more excited than Christmas Eve to wake for christmas morning. I remember when I was a little girl to try and wait for Santa to see if I could see him and get my surprises early but I never made through the night I always fell asleep.

    We also gather on Christmas Eve and go to church with my Nana and Papa and Aunties and Uncle and my family and it is very special because we learn about the birth of Jesus. It is also a time to think about the past year on how much I have grown and learnt with school and after school activities as well as with my friends. Christmas is my favourite time of the year because I love decorating and getting ready for Christmas day, I love having a special dinner with my family and giving thanks for all that I have received and all the love that is around me.
    I am a Christmas freak!!!! “I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!”

  21. Aiden (The Coolest Person in the Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorld)

    Hi Guys,

    To me, Christmas means a time to celebrate the time Jesus was born. Christmas is probably the most important event of the year. It is a time to give gifts and receive them as well. People believe there is a man called Santa, or Father Nicholas who comes into there house and delivers gifts.

    My Family loves Christmas. We love putting up the decorations on the house and on the Christmas Tree. I really enjoy Christmas because I enjoy getting gifts and also meeting up with family. Our family has a big dinner either at my Cousins house or my house. We really get excited switching houses. Our big family love playing games and getting presents from each other.

  22. Jonathan

    Hi everyone
    I really enjoy getting ready for Christmas by decorating our house with decorations and putting up our xmas tree and hanging our special ornaments and the flashing lights.My family celebrate Christmas day with my grandparents, uncles,aunties and cousins we have a lamb on the spit with lots of other yummy food and don’t forget the great desserts.
    There are lots of presents under the tree to exchange and there is a lot of Christmas cheer throughout the house.
    We all have a great time and we all thank each other for the gifts.
    I believe the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the the birth of Jesus and give thanks for all the things i have received and have achieved in my schooling and soccer training and also being blessed with a great family that enjoy being
    together to celebrate Christmas.
    I think about the disadvantage people in our society and try to help by buying gifts for children and placing them under the
    kmart and target xmas trees so they can have some joy on Christmas day.


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