July 9

Girl Power – Women’s Rights

Watch the Spice Girls cover – promoting Equality and discuss what you see, think and wonder about the clip and the issue. You will also you will need to respond to at least one class members post and 3-6 ID’s post.

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27 thoughts on “Girl Power – Women’s Rights

  1. Issac.B

    I See… I think… I Wonder…

    I see…

    *I see signs in the background saying things like equal pay equal rights.

    *I see girls rights being show’n though dancing and sighs.

    *I see multiple countries full of women.

    I think…

    *I think woman are singing and dancing to a spice girls song.

    *I think this all about woman’s rights.

    *I think this is about in-powering girls rights.

    *I think they chose spice girls because they are a big girls band.

    I wonder…

    *I wonder what makes them think that dancing shows woman’s rights

  2. Jade

    Hello everyone,
    This is my see-think-wonder routine

    I See….
    I saw people asking for Gender equality and school boys holding up equality signs. I saw brightly coloured signs which caught my attention too.

    I Think….
    I think they are trying to spread a message that all children should have a right to an education. I noticed all the brightly coloured signs which I think is necessary for spreading a message. It will help people notice the overall idea of the clip. I also think this song is perfect for the clip because the lyrics are saying tell me what you want. In other words this means what they want is equal rights for all children towards education.

    I Wonder….
    I wonder why some countries haven’t realized the problems of Gender equality? Why don’t they accept women going to school and getting an education? Was that the same setting as the real Spice girls clip? Also what religions think that men have bigger and better rights than women?

    From Jade 😛 🙂

    1. Olivia

      Hi Jade
      I like your comment. I also wonder how there could be countries that don’t let girls go to school and get an education. It is hard to believe.

  3. Madison

    This my See Think and Wonder for Spice Girls Cover:Gender Equality.

    In this clip I see power when the girls are singing because they’re trying to get a message across.I also see hope that these messages will happen.

    This clip made me think that these messages should be heard. I also think that this song is really important because some people in the world have not realized these problems yet.

    This clip made me wonder why these messages aren’t heard?This clip also made me wonder how much of a difference did this video make? Also who made the decision that boys get education and girls don’t?

    1. Samantha

      Madison I really love the see I strongly believe that the spice girls made that cover so they could tell people that treating people differently just because they’re a female or male is wrong.

  4. Jamie-lee

    I see
    Signs saying end child marriage
    Women in school
    Different nationalities
    I saw girls holding signs saying freedom of education
    On the bus it said equal work equal pay

    I think
    I think they want to end child marriage, start woman education and make everything fair.
    I think they are standing up to make women’s rights met.

    I wonder
    Why are the girls throwing their books?
    How much did this make a difference?
    Why are girls getting married?
    Why did they choose this certain song?

    1. Thea

      Hi Jamie Lee, Great see and think, but your wonders could be a little bit deeper into the video and the reason.

  5. Julia wombat queen

    I SEE
    The Spice Girls singing out for women’s rights
    Hashtags empowering women
    Poor communities
    People who don’t have their human rights met
    Significant backgrounds from 3rd world countries
    I think that the Spice Girls are standing up/singing out for everyone to have their human rights met
    I think that the Spice Girls were filming in significant places to show what they are trying to empower: women’s rights
    I wonder if the outfits the Spice Girls had were made by 3rd world people and money was donated to them?
    Why do women need empowering, why don’t men have a go at being in need to have empowering, because it’s not fair!

    1. Jasmine

      Hay Emma it’s Jasmine. I agree with everything you said I also think that the spice girls are spreading the message. Keep up the good work. Hope I can go back on this blog to read yours again.

  6. Emma

    I SEE…
    I see excitement
    I see education equality
    “Equal pay for equal jobs”
    I see lots of equal quotes
    Happy singing
    Lots of dancing

    I THINK…
    This video is uplifting
    I like how they used girls from different cultures, with dark and light skin and girls who are younger.
    I think they used the Spice Girls to spread the message quicker.

    Why are they throwing books if they want education?
    Did anyone act on this when it came out?
    What triggered this video?
    Why wasn’t it men who didn’t have rights?


  7. thomas

    This my see think wonder routine

    I see…
    I saw that there was a lots of signs in the background.I also saw people holding up signs that mean something like trying to say that girls can go to school.

    I think…
    I think they were trying to tell me a message.

    I wonder…
    I wonder where it was set in what country.I wonder how old these woman are.Why are they throwing books?

  8. Jessica D

    I see: -There are mostly girls in it.
    -To pay people equally.

    I Think: -I think that the spice girls are doing the song wanna be because the women want education.

    I Wonder: -Why are they throwing their books?-why

  9. Mikayla

    I saw girls trying to fight for there rights in countries where girls don’t get treated like men do. And I saw signs that said, “End child marriage” and “Girls need education”.
    I believe the Spice Girls are trying to help girls that do no have there rights meet.
    Why do the Spice Girls want to help? Why are girls throwing books if they want education?

  10. Kirra.I

    School,Girls,Boys,Signs,Posters and houses.
    I think the Spice Girls want our world to be a fair place were everyone is equal.
    I also think the Spice Girls have power and courage. They are trying to empower girls.

    Why the Spice Girls swich countries in the middle of the clip?
    Why are they throwing the books in the air if they want education?
    How much of a impact odd this song make when this song came out?
    Why arn’t these things heard?

    1. Eden

      Hi Kirra,
      I totally agree on your THINK comments because we need to Treat Girls Fairly. Everyone is the same as each other. We all deserve equality.

  11. rylee

    See: I saw a school and girls in a school, holding signs for women’s rights. I saw a bus saying equal work equal pay. I saw an old, poor, dirty village. I saw a sign saying stop child marriage.
    Think: I think they’re trying to tell people that it’s not fair how some girls can’t go to school. Some children are forced to get married. They’re trying to tell people if you work fairly and equally, you should get paid fairly and equally. They’re trying to tell us that women are just as good as men. They’re speaking/singing up for girls.
    Wonder: I wonder why women aren’t treated equally? What triggered them to sing this song?

    1. Angelina

      Hi Rylee I like your thinking that if you work fairly and equally you should get paid fairly and equally, and that they’re standing up for women’s rights.

    2. Ash

      I like how you brought up End child marriage because it should be ended. I agree with everything that you say. No children should be forced to get married. My name is Ashleigh

  12. daniel

    I see:
    different settings
    Words like Girls, women or rights
    ragged clothes
    on the back of the bus it said Equal pay for equal work
    school kids with gender signs
    girls celebrating
    I see background dancers dancing as well as they can

    I Think:

    I think they are dancing because they believe that women and men have the same rights
    I think the messages were made up by women and put in this clip

    I Wonder:

    What’s up with their clothes?
    why do they keep changing country?
    what are they really thinking?
    why are they throwing books if they want better education?
    what do the signs mean when you think deeper. ?

    1. Callum :D

      Hi Daniel I liked what you did in the wonder – what’s up with their clothes – was a funny one. I liked how you thought more with the – what do the signs mean when you think deeper – I thought that too.

  13. Katelyn

    I see the Spice Girls trying to promote equality through their song and there are short messages in the background such as End Child Marriage!

    I think that the Spice girls did this video because they believe in gender equality.

    I wonder why they chose that particular song/video and why did they go to some poor places and some not so poor places?

  14. Ava

    I SEE…
    * I see girls wanting their rights
    * I see signs basically saying that ‘Girls need equal rights’
    * I see Banners
    * I see girls dancing

    I THINK…
    * I think the girls are wanting to end child marriage, education not for girls and volience free.
    * I also think that they’re trying to spread the message that girls
    should have rights.

    * I wonder if girls are going to get their rights.
    * I wonder if girls can get an education and be free on their choices.

  15. Connor B

    I SEE-
    Girls are trying to get an education
    Signs going for womens education
    Girls throwing their books in the air

    I THINK-
    I think they are trying to get an education for girls
    I think the girls are doing the right thing.

    I wonder why they are throwing their books around


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