November 10

Inside Out

Write a movie review about Inside Out. You need to include the following:
* Summary
* Your favourite character and why?
* What you enjoyed about the movie
* Who you would recommend this movie to and why?

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18 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. Daniel

    Inside out is about a girl called Riley. This movie goes inside Riley’s head and shows her feeling. They’re mostly happy until Riley moves to San Francisco. When Riley’s in San Francisco Joy and Sadness go missing and they have to go on a quest to make Riley happy again. My favorite character is anger and I like him because when he gets angry his head sets on fire and I think it looks cool. My favorite scenes are the scenes when anger gets angry. I would recommend this movie to ages 6 +. I enjoyed to see what the director thought was happening inside your head all the time.

  2. Thomas-Basketball

    My favorite character is Riley because when you move houses or school you leave all of your favorite friends behind.

    I enjoyed the movie because it is not just not for girl it is for boys as well and it is a very sad movie.

    I would rec-amend this movie to people that are not happy in there life because it will make them relay happy.

    I relay liked it because it is a happy story and sometimes a Ashmolean story and it is a great story

  3. Jessica D

    Inside out is about your emotions inside your head,but in this story its about a girl called Riley.She lived in Mini Soda but now San Franico. There are five emotions in her head and they are Joy,Fear,Anger ,Disgust and Sadness.
    My favourite character is Sadness, because at the start Joy thought that Sadness was not useful , so Joy would kept Sadness away from the controls.But at the end Joy found out that it is good too be sad at happy times.
    I liked all the funny parts, like when Bing -bong took a short cut and “he said they should put a sign!”.
    I would recommend this movie to everyone because it is funny and kids would like bing bong and it is also sad.

  4. Katelyn

    My favourite character was anger. Anger demonstrated that you shouldn’t hold back what you feel tell someone else or scream into you pillow but don’t take it out on others

    I enjoyed that it was funny but also taught some kind of lesson. The storyline was intriguing and an adventure. When I first saw the movie I thought it was not the best but this time it was great! I got a deeper meaning out of it, sometimes it’s funny to think that all these emotions and more could be in your head!

    Inside Out was really good it had real life scenarios and explained that every feeling or emotion has a role. This movie is the perfect thing to watch if you are thinking that life is always full of joy, because it isn’t. Life is full of twists and turns not much can be predicted

    I would recommend this movie to everyone between the age of maybe 3+! It is a kid of sad movie but everyone should enjoy it, the storyline and the emotions ( Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust) make it enjoyable for most people!

  5. Julia Wombat Queen

    Inside Out is about the emotions you have in your head and Riley’s Life and what happens inside your head., about their adventures, and about Riley the girl that they are in when she moves from Minnesota to San Francisco the little emotions try to keep Riley happy though who they are (what emotion they are) though at times they can make her really angry or really upset.
    My Favorite Character is Joy because she is always happy and encourages the other emotions, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness to be happy so Riley can always be happy and live a happy life with or without her parents.
    I enjoyed how the movie had lots of bumps and you would never know the outcome of each scene and how characters would come into the movie halfway through and become important an example of that is Bing Bong Riley’s imaginary friend.
    I would recommend this movie to any fun adventure loving people and kids under 18 because it is not a adult movie and had lots of funny bits and children would love it. (though there is a few sad bits) over all, the movie was a really good movie! 5/5 stars.

  6. Isabella

    I think that inside out is all about your feelings and how every emotion is important. My favourite character is Disgust because she isn’t really considered a main character but plays an important role in the movie. She is easy to relate to because she has a mix of emotions in her. Even though her name is disgust, she is also happy, sad and angry at times. I would recommend it to people 6 years to 11 years because the movie didn’t really interest me but I would think that maybe people one year younger than me would enjoy the movie.

  7. Jamie-lee

    Inside Out – Movie Review

    Inside Out was a wonderful movie about a girl named Riley and her emotions Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear. Joy and Sadness get sucked into long term memory so now Riley can not feel Joy or Sadness and the worst part is that the have the core memories.

    My favourite emotion would be Sadness because she is just so funny. I loved when she said “do you remember the movie when the dog dies” That part was hilarious.

    I liked the movie because the storyline went well with the emotions.

    I would recommend Inside out to nine years old and younger because they would enjoy the movie more than I did and they would laugh at all the jokes that joy made.

    I give this movie a two out of five stars

    Jamie 🙂

  8. Mikayla

    Inside Out is a great movie it is about a girl named Riley that has to move house to San Fransisco. She has to leave behind her friends and home in Minnesota. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust are her emotions sadness and Joy got lost so if Joy isn’t up at headquaters Riley can’t be happy! Riley was really stressed out about trying to make new friends getting used to a new school and new house. My favourite person in the movie would be Joy she is always positive and tries to think about the best thing for Riley, My favourite scene is when Joy found out that everyone is important even including sadness everyone has to feel sad once in a while. I recommend this movie to kids that are struggleing with friendship and family people that do not have the courage to speak up and stand up of themselves.

  9. Avad

    I think ‘Inside Out’ is a creative story, with a slight storyline on about the real world. It’s about a girl named Riley who moves to San Francisco, which she didn’t want to move because she has friends and family back in Minnesota. The other side of the story was really the moods doing all of Riley’s feelings. Their names are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear, together they control Riley’s thoughts and actions. Every time Riley has a thought, it creates a core memory which gets taken to “Long Term Memory”. Another core memory is the main memories which creates a Islands, but a while when Sadness touches a memory it turns to sadness. When Joy tries to stop Sadness from making the core memories change, they both end up in Long Term Memory. My favourite character in ‘Inside Out’ is Sadness, I like her because she is really funny and gloomy compared to the other characters. I would recommend this movie to all ages because the story explains that if you are going through a tough time, make sure you tell your parents, family or friends how you’re feeling, and that’s a great quote to carry through life.

  10. Will

    Inside Out is about a girl named Riley who has emotions inside her head that control her. Joy and Sadness get lost and Fear, Disgust and Anger have to control her but they put a bad idea in hea head that only sadness could remove.
    My favourite character in the movie was Anger because when he got angry it was really funny and amusing.
    I enjoyed was when they went to Dream Productions and got the evil clown.
    I would recommend this movie to someone who is never happy or sad because they would be like Riley when she lost joy and sadness.

  11. Adam

    Inside Out.

    Inside out is about a girl who’s name is Riley and she has 5 different emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. All these emotions make Riley Riley Joy makes Riley’s life happy and exciting but Sadness is always sad so she touched one of the core memories and it turned blue so whenever Riley was to think about that memory she would feel sad. Core memories are memories that are really special and they turn back to your childhood each memory has their own island like family island and friendship island ect. Riley and her family all had to move house and now her emotions need to help Riley cope.
    My favourite character of the movie is Sadness because in life you can’t always be happy you need other emotions and sadness can make you even feel happy sometimes.
    The things I enjoyed about this movie is how Joy remembered that Riley doesn’t always need to feel joyful and happy she needs other emotions to.
    I would recommend this movie to age 5+ because it’s not a violent movie and I also think that they would get a good message out of it, and to enjoy it in general.

  12. rylee

    What I really enjoyed about the movie was the little emotions inside your head, controlling your thoughts and feelings. When I feel sad or joyful or I have a thought after watching the movie about little emotions inside my head.
    My favourite character was sadness. I think she was my favourite because everyone thinks she is no help and is not important. Towards the end all the emotions especially Joy realizes that sadness has a very big role to play and is very important. To try and keep happy all the time is almost impossible, sometimes we just need to get all our bubbling sadness out of our head. I think everyone can relate to being sad.
    I would recommend this movie to 4+. I would recommend this movie to that age and above because four year olds have very creative imaginations and they would love to believe little emotions are controlling their thoughts and feelings. Any children younger might not understand the movie. Everyone older could understand, connect and relate to the film.
    Summary- Riley lives in Minnesota where she has strong friendships and a great hockey team. She has a loving family and a great house… until everything changes. Riley moves to San Francisco where she has to go to a new school and live in a new house. Riley feels homesick and upset. Mean while inside her head joy and sadness accidently get sucked up the memory tube. Riley forgets about those memories, she forgets how to be sad and happy. Finally after a long journey Joy and sadness find there way back to head quarters and make Riley realize she’ll be alright where she is.

  13. Kirra :) ;}

    Inside out is a great movie based on inside your head and the emotions that control you. This movie is about a girl named Riley, she has 5 main emotions Sadness, Joy, Fear, Disgust and Anger. But one day there is a disaster.
    My favourite character in this movie is sadness she is a funny and very important character. Sadness is a feeling that you need no matter what, for when sadness strikes Joy always comes because those around you help you.
    The thing that I enjoyed most about the movie is the message the movie had it was that all your emotions are important and all will lead back to happiness. I know you don’t like to be sad or scared but having those emotions is important. Life is always easy infant if it was we would all be like robots or clones.
    I loved this movie and would recommend this for kids for all ages form 4years old to adults.

  14. Emma :)

    Inside Out is a movie about an 11 year old girl named Riley and her emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. The story intertwined between Riley’s mind and her reality. When two of her most needed emotions, Joy and Sadness get lost in her mind and Riley (in some ways) starts to get sad or depressed. She doesn’t tell anyone so all of these bad feelings are bottled up inside her. This doesn’t help her current situation. It gets to a point so bad that Riley runs away. After their long and tedious journey, Joy and Sadness find a creative way to get back to headquarters.

    My favourite character is Sadness. Sadness is my favourite because she is funny but caring and knows when to help. I really liked when she said ‘I like the funny movie where the dog dies’. That was hilarious.

    I enjoyed exploring Riley’s mind. Seeing all the Islands of Personality and lands like Imagination Land and Dream Productions. Seeing the creative side of someone’s mind always excites me. My favourite was Imagination Land. Seeing all these weird and wonderful ways to express Riley’s creative side is great to see.

    I would recommend this movie to 4 – 10 year olds. This is because there are quite childish themes in this movie. As fun as it is to take a stroll down memory lane and recall all these relatable thoughts, this is surely aimed at children.

  15. Jessica C the husky

    My favorite character was sadness because she was my favorite emotion in the movie. And even though she was sad she always had the intention to make things right.
    My favorite part of the movie was when Riley went to the bus to leave SanFrinsico because she felt like she needed to go home because she didn’t like it at all with all the changes. I would recommend this to my mum because then maybe she could understand who people feel when there’re so many changes.

  16. PAUL ._.

    Summary: Riley is a normal girl with a normal life. Until she moves house. when this event happens in her life, she starts to experience that she is acting a bit different everyday and that she is going through adolescence. She has five beings inside her head that represent ‘Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness.’ And they control her mind and feelings and how she reacts to things. When she moves to San Francisco, she moves to a new school, when she is there. Sadness touches a core memory and turns it blue, this meant that sadness took over that memory and made Riley felt sad about it while she was sharing it with her class. At this same point, Sadness and Joy have a fight and end up going through the tube that lead them to Riley’s imagination lands. From there, Joy and Sadness will have to go on a big journey to get back to headquarters.
    Who was your favorite character and why:
    My favorite character was Sadness because whenever she was depressed, she would say something that depressed her but was actually funny, e.g “Remember that funny movie where the dog died?”

    What I enjoyed about the movie:
    I enjoyed the overall humor of the movie because it was actually pretty funny. Unlike some animated movie where jokes in it really aren’t funny at all.

    Who would you recommend this movie to and why?
    I would recommend this movie to children from 4-12 years old because it’s a really enjoyable movie and lots of people would enjoy it because it actually teaches you something at the end of the movie and it teaches you thats it is sometimes good to be sad. And that the emotion of sadness is really important.

  17. jacob

    inside out is a movie about a girl named riley that has five emotions in her head controlling her every move the emotions are joy sadness fear anger and disgust. The movie is about riley moving houses and all of the emotions have to help her get through the situation but when joy and sadness go missing into the long term memory it leaves the situation up to anger fear and disgust.

    My favourite character of inside out is fear. The reason i like fear is because i can relate to him really easily no in a scared way but in the way that he always finds a way to worry about something that doesn’t even matter.

    something that i really enjoyed about the movie is how sadness could always find a way to be negative and sad bout something personally i just found it hilarious.Then on the other hand i loved that joy always found a way to be on the positive side of things.

    i would recommend this movie to ages 6+ because it isn’t violent its just that i don’t think i would make much sense to little kids because of all the different things happening at the same time. Overall Inside Out is a great movie and i really enjoyed watching it

  18. Jade the horse

    🙂 INSIDE OUT 🙂

    Inside Out is about a girl called Riley and the emotions inside her head. The emotions inside her head are Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust and Fear. After moving to San Francisco Riley struggles to fir in. When Joy and Sadness are sucked up the tube and taken to long term memory.The other emotions try to do Joy’s job and make Riley happy again but it’s impossible. Soon Riley’s emotion Island fall apart and without Joy back at head quarters Riley’s personality slowly fades away.

    In this movie my favourite character is probably Anger who is played by Lewis Black. I like Anger because of his personality and sarcasm. I really enjoyed watching when he came on.

    In the movie I enjoyed the part where Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong went through the abstract thought tunnel. I like watching them as they went through the different stages.

    I would recommend this movie to kids aged 8 and up. I think anyone younger than 8 wouldn’t really understand the message of the story. It would just go straight over their heads.
    From Jade 😛


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