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  1. Julia/Wombat/Barron

    Bethany Hamilton is definitely an inspiration people such as you or me will look up to, Bethany’s ability to become a champion after emerging from a bad situation is something that most people hope to be able to do. When her arm was taken in a brutal shark attack, Bethany was left to wonder why this was her chosen path, she soon learned that she can’t hope to be a champion with one arm she has to be a champion with one arm, losing or winning she is still a champion, for getting up on her board. A very inspirational person if you ask me.

  2. Oliver

    I agree that Bethany is an inspiration because to lose your arm and then to keep fighting to get to your hopes and dreams is amazing. I think Bethany teaches us that no matter what happens never stop fighting to get to your hopes and dreams.

  3. Emma :)

    ‘People think Bethany is an inspiration’
    I absolutely agree that Bethany is an inspiration. I can tell that this is true because of how she reacted after the shark attack. She didn’t complain, she didn’t want headstarts in her competitions, and she thanked Malina for not taking it easy on her. Bethany is humble and doesn’t make a big fuss over how she only has one arm and how she is limited to do a lot of things. I also find her an inspiration because she refused a bionic arm and worked with what she had.

  4. Daniel!!!

    I agree that Bethany is an inspiration because she bounced back from a shark attack and managed to surf again. She was resilient by getting back on her board after a horrific accident that was close to costing her life. She competed in another tournament and almost won, losing just after the horn. So in conclusion I believe that Bethany should be an excellent inspiration to everyone.

  5. Isabella

    I definitely agree that Bethany is a very big inspiration because of her reaction and how motivated Bethany was to get back in the water. She said that she was more worried about not surfing than she was to surf again. Yes, she has experienced adversity like when she wanted to stop at one point and when she gave away her surf boards but, she overcame that with determination. Bethany was told by her doctor that she would not be able to surf or get back in the water but she proved her doctor wrong. She was not irritated by mean people like Melina and said to her that she was thankful for Melina pushing her hard and not treating her like she only had one are (even though she did.) So yes, Bethany is a very inspirational person.

  6. jacob

    I 100 percent agree with the people that think Bethany is an inspiration as she learnt that you will always get faced with a problem in your life and she tackled that problem and took it tot he ground I also agree that she is an inspiration as she delt with her problem really well and never gave up in following her dreams

  7. Avad

    People do think that Bethany Hamilton is inspiration I do too. I think that Bethany Hamilton is inspirational because she basically told us that even know she has one arm, she can still chase her dream which is surfing. She inspired me to never give up my dreams even know you might have hard times.

  8. Rylee

    ‘People think Bethany is an inspiration.’
    When Bethany lost her arm she knew she would have to face challenges. But those challenges she faced she over came and never gave up. She knew it would take her a while to get back up on her surf board and surf again and she never gave up. She accomplished that and at that very moment I was very inspired and proud. She gave her all and everything and tried very hard when she knew she was facing a challenge. A very inspiring moment was when she lost the surf competition. But she never quit or cried she knew it was a big challenge and she was proud of her efforts and I think that inspired and made Malina realize that it’s not all about winning it’s about trying and never giving up.
    When the interviewers asked Bethany would she go back in time and change what happened she replied “No, because I would never have these opportunities.” I think that was very inspiring to everyone who was watching tv at that moment.

  9. Katelyn

    I agree because she tried her best at doing what she loves even when she had lost her arm in a shark attack I think she was brave and showed a lot of courage and persistence even at the time the news reporters put her down by telling her with her prosthetic arm she couldn’t surf again. She is an inspiration to other people going through what she went through because she stuck to something and never gave up.

  10. Paul!

    I agree that Bethany is an inspiration because after she got her arm bitten off by a shark, she still wanted to surf and she knew that it still was possible. All she needed was hope to get back in the water and even though most everyday things in life were hard for her, she still kept on trying until she got it right and the following year she got first place in the national championships. I know that Bethany she be an inspiration to everyone who has gone through tough times!

  11. Jamie-lee

    Bethany Hamilton is an inspiration of mine and many others and we look up to her. Bethany is my inspiration because she was able to reach her goals and become a surfing champion with only one arm. When that shark took her arm, she wondered why she had to loose everything, but she didn’t loose anything (except her arm).
    She kept trying and trying to get in the spot she is now she has reached her goal of being a champion.

    She is my biggest inspiration.

    Jamie 🙂

  12. Jade the horse

    Bethany Hamilton is an inspiration to many people world wide. After loosing her arm in 2003, Bethany struggled to cope with the little things in life. Surfing become a problem for her as it is obviously quite difficult to surf with one arm. But Bethany doesn’t give up and after a few attempts and lots of hard training she is able to get back on the surfboard and win her heat. Bethany inspires many aroud the world still to this day.

    – Jade 😀

  13. Will Cook

    I agree that Bethany is a Inspiration to lots of people that have also lost something like here. Bethany has inspired lots of people to do something they didn’t think they could do. In the end Bethany didn’t really lose anything but her arm.

  14. Madi :)

    I strongly agree that Bethany is a very inspirational person because of how emotionally and physically strong she is and how she reached her goals. She is a big inspiration to me and to many other people. when Bethany lost her arm she said “why did I have to lose everything?” bust she didn’t see that she still had her family and she still had hope. I am really proud of Bethany because she could of chosen to be very miserable about the attack and not do anything about it but Bethany stayed strong and didn’t let anyone or anything stop her or put her down.

    Madi 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Kirra :}

    Bethany Hamilton is a great inspiration for all and is a great roll modal. I think this because she went thruoght very hard times and still pushed this is a good message that she has spread out to the whole world and has made a difference to others life because of this. Losing an arm might have been hard for here but when she went overseas are saw how badly those effected by the tsunami were she realised that there are people in worse situations then her, she helped them. To them she was a great person. She did this because she know how it felt. Bethany Hamilton was a great person.

    Kirra ;}

  16. Thomas-Basketball

    Bethany Hamilton is an inspiration because she lost her arm and even if some thing happens to he she always gets up and keep going. She kept going and not listening to people yelling at her she just ignored them.I think Bethany teaches us to not give up on your dreams no matter what.

  17. Connor

    I think Bethany Hamilton is a great inspiration because she kept trying to do her dream even though she had lost an arm. Bethany Hamilton is trying to tell us that even if you give up on something you can still actually do it, you just have to practice. Bethany didn’t lose anything but her arm but she actually made more people become happier.

  18. Mikayla

    ‘People think Bethany is a inspiration’
    I strongly agree, Bethany is a great inspiration to both adults and children she kept persisting with her dream to become a pro surfer even though she only had one arm and she achieved her goal.This tells others that if you have tough times something good will come out of it soon.When Bethany lost her arm she thought she lost everything but she didn’t she was still alive, now we know that if we have problem big or small we have to think about how lucky we are to still have a family that cares for us.

  19. DARRYL

    I agree that Bethany Hamilton is a inspiration because she has shown inspiration to keep on going like when she lot her arm in an accident and ended up in hospital. And she asked ” when can i surf again”.
    Which means she’s not scared of the water and not giving up on her dream to be a pro surfer and she inspires you to never give up or to never give up on your dreams. Even if some thing terrible happens.

  20. Adam

    I strongly agree

    That Bethany Hamilton is an inspiration to people because she inspires people that have disabilities to keep on trying and never give up on your dream and to keep on going.
    In the film Bethany received letters from all over the world because they heard the news about how she lost her arm.
    When Bethany found out that people loved her she wanted to get back in the water because she knew that people would love her no matter what.
    Bethany loves surfing and that is pretty much her life and no-one can take that away from her but the only thing that Bethany loves more than surfing is family and home.
    A line I really like from the movie was:
    ‘’They say home is where the heart is.’’
    So overall I really enjoyed this film because it inspires me to keep on trying and never give up.



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