September 12

Term Four

Next term is our last term for the year. Next term will be very eventful, such as camp, leadership nominations, fete, secondary school orientations, graduation, swimming trials, film festival…

What are you looking forward to and why? What are your hopes for Term 4?

July 25


What was the message presented during the NED Show? Recount two examples from your life and explain how you displayed these qualities. Make sure you use correct spelling and grammar in your response.

June 12


You are to write a creative paragraph on the class blog that includes your 10 spelling words. Write the 10 spelling words in CAPITALS so everyone knows what your words are. Be ready for a spell quiz on Wed 12th June.

June 5

Australian Ballet

We were lucky to have the Australian Ballet run an incursion during the week. Remember to write two paragraphs – the first paragraph is to be about the workshop: the skills you learnt, and your favourite part of the workshop.

Your second paragraph is to be about the performance and any new information you found out.

Happy blogging 🙂

April 17


In your homework book draft a review of the ACMI excursion. Describe at least four aspects that impressed you about the day.  You can comment on the technology, the green screen, costumes, the instructors, the particular jobs you were given, acting, special effects, theatre itself, Screen Worlds Exhibition, pre-production, production and post-production, or any other features that interested you. The blog needs to have at least interesting three paragraphs.

After you have finished drafting, re read, review and correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Next, get a grown up to read over what you’ve written. When everything is as it should be, post it on your class blog page.

February 27

Jump In!

Welcome to 2013!!!  I hope you have been enjoying the term so far. Jump In! was a great movie that displayed humour and seriousness. Write two paragraphs and share your opinions. remember to discuss some of the aspects that impressed you. You can comment on solving situations/issues peacefully, sterotypes, supporting others during hard times, male and female dominated sports, being teased for liking something, not quitting, persisting with your goals, being sensitive to other people’s feelings…

Make sure you use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling – otherwise your opinion won’t be published!

Happy blogging 🙂

November 16


Measure the perimeter of two spaces at your house. Remember to use a formal (tape measure, ruler) and informal measurement (hand spans, strides). Make a prediction first then measure. Post these findings! Don’t forget to read what other’s have written 🙂