May 26

User Agreement

Please note that ‘Mrs Morello’s’ is very cyber-safe.
All students will be identified by first name only. They will never be identified in photographs.
We will not post about where we are/will be and when.
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67 thoughts on “User Agreement

  1. Isabella D

    I see:
    I see girls in a classroom that can’t go to school and their fighting for their rights. So they’re singing about it to raise some awareness about it. I saw a bus that had a sign that said equal work equal pay.

    I think:
    I think they’re standing up for girls education because all of the signs, their quotes and the background.

    I wonder:
    What triggered them to sing this in the first place?
    Did this clip make a difference at all?
    If it was not as big of a band, would it still make a difference?

  2. alex

    The one and only

    I see women and girls standing up for their rights and power and wanting equal pay. I see a bus that says equal rights, equal pay. I see girls singing, dancing and having a great time

    I think these girls are standing up for their rights and power and they want to make a difference in the world and education. These girls are expressing their opinion through dance and song.

    Why are they throwing books if they want education. Why would you travel around the world to make a one minute video, also why is every man accused for gender fairness when not every man is nasty and cruel?

  3. darryl

    I saw a backround about women rights and a message about it. like equal rights and equal pay.

    I think they are trying get a message out to people about women rights.

    I wonder why they chose to do this type of clip and how much this made a difference .

  4. Adam

    I See:
    Girls singing, houses in the background that are wrecked, unfortunate people.

    I Think:
    Women are being treated badly by men, the spice girls are standing up to women that have been treated badly.

    I wonder:
    if the spice girls are disappointed by the human rights.

  5. Isabella

    Apples going brown is like a car rusting because the same thing that happens to the apple is the same thing that happens to the car. This is called oxidation. Oxidation is the chemical reaction that happens when oxygen reacts with different materials such as the metal in cars or the tissue in fruit.


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